About Us

About Our Company

Our roots lie in the vibrant heart of Dubai, and our story begins in 2019 with our founder, fashion designer, and trendsetter. Her vision has given birth to a brand that transcends borders and defies expectations. While we proudly offer other high-street international brands, our very own Chic Le Frique fashion line is a cut above the rest.
It's designed for the unique and classy ladies who don't just wear fashion; they wear their feelings.

Our Mission

  1. To express who you are through what you wear.
  2. To embrace your feminine energy with our exquisite range of timeless pieces.
  3. To celebrate and empower one’s individuality.


High Quality

We take pride in the quality of our products as our fabrics are individually selected by our fashion team and used to craft our pieces.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint, providing personalized support, innovative solutions, and a seamless experience that leaves a lasting impression.


While we get inspiration from everything around us, Chic Le Frique doesn't just follow fashion trends; it creates them.


Eco-friendly fashion is our passion. We use sustainable materials and ethical production to create clothes that look good and do good. Shop consciously with us and be part of a sustainable future.

People First

A core principle in Chic Le Frique is putting people first. Whether it’s our customers, employees, or communities, we prioritize their well-being, happiness, and success above all else.


We celebrate the beauty of our differences. Everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, or background, is welcome here. Together, we create a richer, more vibrant world.