Women’s Blazers

Our collection for women, featuring a range of versatile blazers to suit any occasion. From oversized to cropped, sleeveless to coat styles, there is a blazer for every taste. Choose from casual cotton or formal tuxedo options, and classic black or white hues. Elevate your wardrobe with a blazer dress or complete the look with a blazer suit. Shop now and stay chic!

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Reasons to get a women’s blazer

Nothing says girl boss better than a blazer. Be it day or night, a blazer will have you looking professional and chic effortlessly. There are many reasons to invest in a good-quality blazer; here are some things you should keep in mind when deciding.

  • Blazers are versatile; you can pair them with your summer dress or sequined top. They are perfect for creating bold and stylish outfits.
  • Blazers can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. Something subtle for the office and exciting for an evening party, a blazer can do it all.
  • Good quality blazers will last you a long time. You can wear them in many different styles making it worth the price tag.
  • Blazers complement all body types. Whether you are an hourglass or a peach, blazers will accentuate your body in the best way possible.

Blazers create looks that say, “I mean business.” Purchase a trendy blazer from Chic le Frique’s collection to make an impression in your next meeting.

Women’s blazer designs to watch out for

Blazers are no more restricted to conventional design. Many new styles cater to the different requirements of women. Working women are always on the lookout for fashionable blazers they can add to their work wardrobes. Here are a few styles that have been catching everybody’s attention.

women's blazers

“A women’s blazer is a valuable addition to your work wardrobe.”

Oversized blazer for women

Oversized clothing is in vogue today, with women enjoying the comfort of loose-fitted outfits. Women’s blazers in the oversized fit are chic and sophisticated. You can wear it to work and casual outings with friends based on how you’ve styled the fit.

Long blazer for women

Long blazers are typically paired with skinny jeans and tank tops. They are elegant and refined, ideal for a day of meeting with clients and customers. Long blazers can also be worn as a blazer dress with the help of an embellished belt or sash.

Blazer suits for women

Suits mean business, and there’s nothing more suitable for an important meeting or conference. Blazer suits are the epitome of professionalism. Find yourself a well-tailored suit before making that important pitch.

Sleeveless blazer for women

A sleeveless blazer is a breath of fresh air in the blazer department. It leaves room for experimenting with your outfits. Wear it as a dress, pair it with boots or accessorize with a belt; there’s no limit to what you can try with sleeveless women’s blazers. You can wear it with a full-sleeved t-shirt if you want more coverage.

Sleeveless blazers for women have become popular in recent years, with fashion enthusiasts sporting different styles and designs at important events and parties.

Blazer coat for women

Blazer coats can go a long way when it comes to layering outfits. They are comfortable and stylish, giving women the best of both worlds. Wear your blazer coats over your cardigans for a flattering winter look.

Tuxedo blazer for women

Who said tuxes are only for men? Tuxedo blazers for women are designed to bring out the leader in you. They can be worn conventionally or styled to add a little oomph to the outfit. You can always pair it with your favorite pumps if you are feeling sexy.

Women’s casual blazers

While blazers are typically worn on formal occasions, Chic le Frique’s collection of casual blazers is excellent for brunch with friends or a quick meet-up with the in-laws. They come in a range of fun colors that can be paired with your jeans or trendy pants.

Casual cotton blazer for women

If comfort is your biggest priority, cotton women’s blazers are the fit for you. The breathable nature of the fabric makes it easy to wear daily. Cotton is the go-to for the summer season, and a blazer in the fabric is everything you need to look professional.

Formal blazer for women

Formal blazers are a must-have in every business woman's closet. It is the outfit that can take your workwear from simple to sophisticated. Formal blazers come in basic colors like black, blue and brown. However, it is possible to find formal blazers in various colors today. Formal blazers will have minimal embellishments and accents, yet manage to enhance your look in the best way possible.

Blazer dress for women

Buy a blazer dress for women, perfect for a sophisticated yet playful look. You can style it with your favorite high heels and statement jewelry for an effortless ensemble.

A blazer dress for women can be gotten in different styles and designs, from oversized varieties to deep necklines. Pick one that suits your personal style and wear it to the next dinner party you are invited to.

Wear your blazers in style

Blazers do not need to be limited as workwear anymore. Wear them to parties and dinners with a few practical styling tips. Women’s blazers are fun to work with once you’ve nailed a few essential styling hacks. Try out these recommendations to see what works for you.

Type of blazer

Style recommendations

Oversized blazer

Pair it with shorts and a belt for the perfect coffee outfit.

Cropped blazer

Pair it with your baggy jeans and favorite sneakers.

Long blazer

Wear it with a slip dress or maxi dress to add more character to the outfit

Cotton Blazer

Button it up and wear it as a top with your straight-fit or mom-fit jeans.

Get creative: Fun colors in the blazer section

Blazers in contemporary designs are a great way to show off your eccentric personality. Be it a bright pink or a hot red; there is so much the color of your blazer can do for you.

Blazers for Women

Each color is unique and can complement your mood for the day. White for when you’re feeling edgy and green on a whim, there’s room for everything in the women’s blazers section.

Basic with a black blazer

The basic black blazer is a staple item in everybody’s wardrobe. It is the go-to for interviews and important business meetings. It can easily be styled with a white shirt and black pants to create a flawless work ensemble. 

White blazers for summer

White blazers can be worn during the summer months when you want to keep it light and fresh. They can be paired with your favorite boyfriend jeans to create a casual and easygoing outfit for the weekend. You can get a white sleeveless blazer for a chic and charming look.

Blue blazers are a staple

Dark blue blazers can’t be done without in a work wardrobe. It is just as formal as a black blazer and can be worn to meetings and conferences. A blue blazer is also ideal for prom nights and evening galas. Get yourself a blue blazer and blue pants to create a sophisticated look.

Go adventurous with a red blazer

The red blazer makes a statement like no other. It gives you the feeling of power and finesse. Paired with black or white pants, the blazer can be worn on occasions that need you at your best.

Browns are pretty cool too

Brown is an underrated color in the women’s blazers section. It is casual yet suitable for formal events. Pair it with your ripped jeans for a dinner date or formal pants for your scheduled meeting. The blazer’s versatility makes it a must-have for women who like to dress up for all occasions.

Baby blue on a happy day

Baby blue blazers are not just for gender reveal parties but for every event that needs you looking dapper. The pastel color is flattering and can be paired with most colors. Baby blue is subtle and sophisticated if you’re getting bored with all the flashy colors.

Frequently asked questions about women’s blazers

There is no particular way to wear a women’s blazer. Depending on your style preferences, you can style it with your jeans, pants, skirts or even shorts.

Blazers come in different styles and designs, each being a different length. The classic blazer is usually the length of the sleeve or slightly higher than that.

A classic blazer fits right if the shoulder falls correctly and the sleeves aren’t too long or short. You should not feel restricted when moving around in your blazer.

Having buttons on your blazer is a personal choice. Formal blazers typically have buttons to help secure the outfit.

A formal blazer is expected to fit you just right; it should neither be tight nor loose. Contemporary blazer designs come in different fits, including oversize and cropped.

Blazers can be styled in many different ways. They can be paired with your sweatpants or your favorite boyfriend jeans. It is a garment that brings forward many styling opportunities.